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Signs of Drug Use

  • Difficulties at school, disinterest in school-related activities, and declining grades.

  • Poor work performance, being chronically late to work, appearing tired and disinterested in work duties, and receiving poor performance reviews.

  • Changes in physical appearance, such as wearing inappropriate or dirty clothing and a lack of interest in grooming.

  • Altered behavior, such as an increased desire for privacy.

  • Drastic changes in relationships

  • A noticeable lack of energy when performing daily activities.

  • Spending more money than usual or requesting to borrow money.

  • Issues with financial management, such as not paying bills on time.

  • Changes in appetite, such as a decreased appetite and associated weight loss

  • Bloodshot eyes, poor skin tone, and appearing tired or run down.

  • Defensiveness when asked about substance use.

  • Missing Spoons and / or Aluminum Foil.

  • Burns in clothes.

  • Black smudges on face.

  • Leaving the house frantically, returning like everything is fine​.

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